Where have I been?

The answer to the above is busy. I also have another “proper” job as some would call it as well as my stitching and this has been keeping me away from the stitching a little more than I would like over the last few months. At least I still have the stitching to keep me sane in the evenings. Hopefully the work/stitch balance will even out over the next few months – oh dear I forgot about the garden!!

Well what have I been up to in my stitching world?

Let’s start by saying I usually have no more than one or two projects on the go at a time – I might have a large stash of future projects  – but normally I like to finish one before I start another. As this blog entry will show I appear to have a lot of unfinished projects on the go at the moment, all due to workshops run by my local branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild.

Beaded Tassel update – As you can see I have completed four “legs”. I have decided to do the ends of all eight legs differently.

Four legs finished

Four legs finished










Tassel leg 1Tassel leg 2







tassel leg 3tassel leg 4










Bead embroidery – I attended a one day workshop run by Alison Nash to teach us the basics of bead embroidery, my piece will (eventually) be fastened to a hair slide. The techniques I learned that day I used to finish one of the ends of my tassel. I really enjoyed the workshop and could possible end up using some of the ideas in a future Needlework by Nikki design, although this is most definitely still on the drawing board at the moment!!

Bead embroidery 1








Goldwork. This is technique I have long wanted to learn, but for some reason have not taken the plunge. So when I had the chance to attend a two day workshop run by Shelley Cox a graduate of the RSN, I made sure my calendar was clear. The photo shows the piece after the first day and our homework is completed, the second day of the course is this coming Sunday. I think I can say I will have a love/hate relationship with Goldwork. I love the stitching on the front of the piece and the techniques I have learnt so far, however I do not like tying back the ends of the gold threads once they have been plunged through to the back of the canvas!! There were over 150 to finish on the areas of Italian shading we were set for homework!!

goldwork - homework completed








Now for my own designs. Those of you who saw me at Horsham back in March will be pleased to know the piece I was working on at the show has been finished and I am now working on the second colourway to iron out any design hiccups. I am also in the process of writing up the instructions as I stitch this piece the second time. It has a “working” title of Storm at Sea – as this is the name of the quilt block the piece is based on. It should (will?!!) be ready for the Tonbridge show in October.

Storm at Sea 1









This by far the largest piece I have designed – it comes in at just over 15 inches square and uses a large range of threads, some of which are new to my designs as well as beads.

Storm at Sea 2










Finally – there is a new date added to my Diary. I will be at the Southern Counties Lacemaker’s Fair at the Havant Leisure Centre on Saturday 16th November.


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