Goldwork 2 – I’m getting there!!

Just a quick update on the Goldwork. There was much more of what I like about Goldwork this last Sunday – ie only two more ends to plunge through the silk and finish off. There should now be no more plunging before the design is finished. Hurray!!

We were shown how to do soft string padding (I’m sure mine looks like two thin yellow slugs!), cutting and chipping. With plenty of the last to finish off on our piece at home. We were also shown how to use broad plate. A nurse also on the course and myself (a pharmacist) soon got the hang of this once we realised it was like applying a crepe bandage. The others on the course must have wondered what we were on about!! Anyway here is a photo of the work so  far. I will next post when it is finished.

Goldwork after day 2

Goldwork after day 2












PS  I am finding I get a sore finger if I do much Goldwork each evening. Obviously my finger is only used to the blunter tapestry needles used for canvaswork. I know the answer to this is a thimble, but I gave up on that idea many years ago.

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