I am still here!

As the title says I am still here – although I have not been making entries onto the blog. Unfortunately the work (pharmacy) – stitch balance has been tipped a long way towards the pharmacy side over the last several months. Due to changes at the shop at which I am a pharmacist, it means that I have had to give a lot more effort to that side of my life. It has all been very good for the pharmacy business, but has left me very tired each evening and as a result the stitching has slowed down slightly.  The good news is – I am still stitching.

I have to thank all of those people who visited my stand at both the Tonbridge and Havant lace fairs last year. The wonderful comments from you all certainly makes my day. This was my first time at Havant, and I was amazed at how busy I was. It was nice to meet a lot of new stitchers. I have updated my Diary page to show the Fairs I will be attending this year.

So what has been happening on the stitching front?

Storm at Sea is finished and now available for sale from my website. This is not a small design – it is over 15 inches square and stitched on 18 count mono canvas.

green bronzejade grey

The design is at present available in the two colourways shown above. The green/bronze option is stitched on Victorian Green canvas and the jade/grey colourway is stitched on Light Blue canvas. This design uses 26 different threads as well as beads. Among the threads used are Caron Watercolors and Impressions, Rainbow Gallery Splendor, Neon Rays, Petite Treasure Braid, Flair and Neon Rays Plus, Kreinik Silk Serica and metallic threads, ThreadworX floss as well as other silk flosses and cotton perle threads. I know this will not make it a cheap design to stitch, but I hope that those of you who do chose to stitch it have fun with the various threads and stitches I have chosen.

I am at present working on another two colourways for this design Peaches and Cream and Black and White. The threads for Peaches and Cream are shown below although since taking this photo I have substituted the Gloriana Silk floss for an alternative silk floss. This colourway is proving to be very pretty and very different to the previous two. It is being stitched on the cream canvas shown.

Peaches and cream threads








The Black and White colourway is a request by one of my customers  at the shows. It has not been the easiest to work out the threads, but I am nearly there! This will be stitched on black canvas.

I have also been working on a slightly smaller variation of this design, of which I should soon have a finished version. It uses many, but not all, of the threads from Storm at Sea (so it should be cheaper to stitch) and will be able to be stitched in the same four colourways. I will also be using for the first time Vineyard Classic Silk thread in this design. This is a thread I was introduced to by Yvonne of West End Embroidery in September of last year. I have really enjoyed stitching with it and expect it will make more appearances in my designs.

Away from the canvaswork – my first love – I am also going once a month to a class run by Shelley Cox at her workshop in Hawkhurst. I have been to a few one day workshops that Shelley has run on Ribbon embroidery, Mountmellick work as well as the Goldwork workshop mentioned in an earlier blog entry. This time I seemed to have jumped in the deep end!!

I am stitching a Goldwork Saxophone. After four classes I am now able to start stitching with the gold threads!! So far I have learnt how to fasten the fabric to the frame – I am using a proper slate frame for the first time, and how to develop and apply the design to the fabric. The next two lessons were spent applying the several layers of padding that will give shape to the Saxophone body. This is definitely a long term project, I will try to take photos when I have made more progress. I am hoping to get some proper trestles to rest the stand on for working in a few months – at the moment I have to balance the frame on a table with the help of my Lowry stand.

sazophone 1








Happy stitching to all those following this blog, hopefully it will not be such a long wait before my next entry!!


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