Orange Balls

A mentioned in my last entry I had been doing some stitching for my branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild which I was not able to show yet. This is was because it was to be a part of our branch entry to the Regional day competition. The idea was for each branch to choose a colour from the colour wheel and to produce a display based on that colour. Our branch chose orange – which was initially met with groans from the members but proved to be a wonderful colour to stitch with during  the dark, dreary, wet winter we had and to make an orange tree.

Due to lack of time I chose to adapt some designs I already had into oranges. The first piece is a cross stitch pattern called The Quaker Ball published by Amaryllis Artworks. I stitched it on 32ct Belfast Linen in a colour known as Vintage Peach – it is not obvious from the photo but the fabric has a light orange variable shading to it. I also decided to use whatever orange threads I had – considering I can’t remember having stitched with orange before it was surprising how many I had – maybe the Husband is correct and I have got a lot of threads!! The ball is made up of 26 different pieces which all had to be joined together once they had been stitched – that took some concentration to make sure they were joined together in the correct order.

cross stitch ball 2cross stitch ball











My next two pieces were back to my favorite medium of canvas. I adapted  a key fob designed by Shelley Cox – by turning two squares into circles and again using all that orange thread I did not know I had. It is not easy to make even circles on canvas, but I think I managed – these are just backed with orange felt, with either beads or braid to neaten the edges.

canvaswork oranges









The final piece was my holiday stitching. Paul and I took a weeks break upto Ripon in May – just as Tour de France fever was starting to hit the area. We were very lucky with our weather with only one slightly wet morning. I chose to do some beading on felt. On this occasion I did have to buy the felt (but it was also needed for the canvaswork) but again the beads were from stash!! I knew there was a reason I always want to add to my stash when I see stitching things reduced in sales. Basically I just added beads in different patterns to the felt that I had pre-drawn the  pentagons on before travelling. I must apologise to the owners of the cottage if they found any beads lying around after we left – I did my best to find those that “escaped” whilst stitching!!

beaded felt ball











Here is a photo of the final effort by the branch – we ended up with over 70 oranges made by our members.

orange tree


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