Hi again – this should be the last time today!! I am now going to do some stitching.

There is a new design to be added to the Little Ones series. This is in response to a request by a lady called Barbara at the Havant show last November. She asked if I could work out the threads to do one of the Little Ones but in peach. Hopefully I have gone one better and come up with a new design as well – this one is called Pente. The instructions are not quite ready yet but if any one wants the thread list to use for one of the other Little One designs they have already bought then get in touch with me via the contact button on my website. There are now seven different colourways for this series.












The goldwork Saxophone is progressing very slowly, mainly due to a problem I have developed with my back for which I am having treatment. I does mean I have had difficulty working on the large slate frame that it is being stitched on. I should be getting my new trestles to support the frame properly for stitching sometime in the next couple of weeks – a birthday present from Paul my husband.


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