New Years resolutions

Why the title of New Years Resolutions in July? Well I decided several years ago that instead of having a New Years resolution to stop doing something, that instead I would try to be positive and try something new every year. I do not have to decide on New Years Day what that something will be, but by the end of the year I have to learn a new technique and have a completed piece to show for it by the end of the year. Since I have started on this I must admit that all my new techniques have involved a needle in some way and I can see this continuing for a few more years. They  have ranged from box making – I made the box to show off one of my designs – Astral Minor, through beadweaving (a bracelet was completed) to quilting. The latter was supposed to be a simple Jelly Roll design, but ended up being double-bed sized! I did get a new sewing machine out of that project as my old one which was over 25 years old could not cope!!












Most of my favorite projects have involved learning a traditional embroidery techniques – over the last few years I have had a go a ribbon embroidery, Mountmellick work and last year was Goldwork – the Art Nouveau Lily being my introduction to that technique. I can’t think of one of my new techniques that I have not enjoyed learning and most I can see myself revisiting once I have more time – my things to do in the future pile is getting larger!!  Some techniques I have enjoyed so much that I have started another piece virtually straight away as in the case of the Goldwork Saxophone.

However I don’t think I have finished a new project quite as quickly as this years technique. I had the opportunity to attend a one-day workshop that Shelley (my Saxophone tutor) was running on a Sunday back in June. We were given the choice of two designs to work on as well as two different colourways. I decided to be different and came up with my own colours!

Shelleys designs

Shelleys designs









By the end of the day I had learnt some new stitches but still had a lot of work to do.

End of workshop

End of workshop












As I had enjoyed the day so much I decided to buy the instructions and fabric to complete the second design as well.  Both designs were completed within 4 weeks!! This is definitely a technique that will be repeated again soon. I am already thinking about a large design that I can work on once the Saxophone is finished.

Canterbury BelleSherwood Rose

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