Long Time – No Posts!!

Yes it has been a long time since the last message, but I thought not a lot had happened to be reported on. But on looking back at the last few months I realized that I had managed to stitch more than I thought.

Firstly the reason for not much happening. As in my last post I reported that I was taking a long time to recover from the procedure on my back, to the extent that in December I was referred to a different specialist who requested another MRI scan to see what, if anything, had happened since the last scan had been taken two procedures earlier. The result was – nothing!! So this led to me having to have an operation on my back at the end of March to remove most of the disc that was causing the problem. So another two months off work to recuperate. At least I was just about able to attend the Weald Lace Fair a few days before the operation. It was hard work, but lovely to meet up with some old friends that I hadn’t been able to see for nearly a year. However, although the operation was successful in that the disc is no longer pressing on the nerve, I still have a lot of pain because of the inflammation caused on the nerve over the last couple of years, and it has now been decided that I need to rest my back as much as possible and avoid all the movements that trigger an increase in pain. This basically means no pharmacy for several more months (standing for any length of time is a major pain trigger!!) and having a slightly (sometimes this is an understatement) “foggy” head due to the pain killers. It also means that I should not sit in one position for any length of time so I have to limit my stitching.  I am sometimes frustrated with my limitations, but try to manage to keep a smile on my face.

Another issue that came to my notice in April was problems with my website. My website hosting company made changes to their website designs to make them more suitable to the many platforms we use to view the internet these days. I had the impression that the changes would not cause me any problems as I only had a very basic shop package. Wishful thinking on my part!!

Firstly my site disappeared for some people. If you are one of those then make sure that the address you have saved in your bookmarks is http://www.needleworkbynikki.co.uk.  There were other addresses that lead to the site but these no longer work.

Next I discovered that many of the photos had been reassigned to the wrong products and that the multiple colours for each design had disappeared. The photos have hopefully all been attached back to the proper designs now, but I still have not worked out how to attach multiple images. This is a problem I am working on.

Finally I discovered that the hosting company in their wisdom decided that my site was a wedding list site – I can’t think why!! This does mean that the contact button has disappeared and been replaced with a sign in button.

Please bear with me while I try to resolve these problems. I am having to redesign the website with a new design package from my hosting company and this is not easy when I have a pain-killer induced “foggy” brain and am not supposed to sit in the same position for a long length of time. I will get there as I keep telling myself!!

If you want to order any designs then rather than use the website direct you can send me an email requesting a design and giving your postal address (please no payment details in the email) and I will send you a PayPal invoice for payment.

Now a couple of photos of one of the projects I have finished since I last posted.

Nova - last November

Nova – last November

Nova has now been finished – a fabric mount made for it which was lightly embroidered. I had to use a curved needle as I decided the mount needed something added after I had finished all the stretching. The final size of the stitched area is 14cm by 17.5cm – if it had been stitched as designed on 18 count mono canvas it would have been 30.5cm by 37cm. The colours of a few blocks were changed when I had completed the design as they did not appear quite right. This was because I was only using one strand of floss throughout and Genny Morrow had a variable number of strands depending on the block design, therefore certain stitches (especially couching stitches) were more dominant in my piece and had to be replaced by a more subdued colour so as to not over-power the other colours in a block. So here we are 396 blocks later:-

Nova finished

I really enjoyed working on this scale and can already see me stitching other “large” designs in this way.

More complete projects will follow soon, but now I must move chairs!!

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