Catch up 1

This will be the first of several catch up posts, as I realised I have completed quite a lot over the last year that I have not told you about.

The first “finish” to tell you about is the Saxophone. I finally finished it exactly two years after it was started. This has to be the longest length of time between starting a project and getting it finished and on the wall.










This first photo shows it finished and stretched – the stretching was a test in itself! This was the first piece of work I had stretched that could not be layed flat upside down. It had to rest on its little ring of bubble wrap whilst I was tugging away at the back. I ended up with a blister on my little finger, where I was using it to brace my hand whilst do in the lacing.

Saxophone framed 2









The above photo of it framed is not very clear as I had difficulties taking the photo and trying to avoid reflections in the glass. It took Paul and myself quite a while to pick out the mount colours and frame that we wanted but I think Adrian at Wealden Framing Service in Hawkshurst has done a wonderful job building up the mounts to make a box frame for the Saxophone. The whole piece is now up on the wall in our lounge.