Purple Box

Last year’s stitching included a purple “box” I completed as an entry into a competition held in memory of a member of our branch of EG. As this member was the person who encouraged me to join the branch, I decided to stitch a piece of work that would show many of the techniques that I had been introduced to through workshops run by the branch.

Purple Box 1










The outside of the box was four panels of crewelwork with a ribbon embroidery lid. Most of the designs were my own but the crewelwork images were parts of designs from some of my books which I resized and altered the colours and some of the stitches – as I was running out of time – lunch breaks at work were not long enough!!

Purple Box - Lid 1









When the lid was removed the box opened up to reveal four labelled needle cases which held each of the style of needle I had used and a second box. The sides of this inner box were different styles of canvaswork – beading, thread couching and bargello. The final side was one of the blocks from my Southwark design.

Purple Box 2








The lid to this inner box was decorated with goldwork.

Purple Box - Lid 2










When this second lid was removed the box opened up again to reveal a place for storing stitching tools and a cross stitched scissor case. I was lucky enough to find purple handled scissors and a purple seam-ripper, tape measure and thimble to go into this inner area. The construction of the box was definitely a challenge – it was eventually finished 2 hours before the meeting started!! If I do this again I need to think and research more carefully the construction details before doing the stitching or find a workshop!!

Purple Box 3







PS. I came second – so I was very pleased with my first competition entry.

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