Having finished my Saxophone it was time to start a new project on my monthly workshops with Shelley Cox. I decided to have a go at a new technique and settled on Pulled and Drawn work. I am working a sampler to include as many stitches as possible from the two techniques. My first attempt at working out a grid meant that there were going to be 99 different pulled thread techniques – a quick trip back to the drawing board cut this down to 63! Despite most of my needlework involving counting threads – it took several attempts to get the first few squares right. I kept “losing” the canvas threads when the were pulled together by my stitches.

I started this piece back in September and by March I had completed just over half of the 63 squares.

Whitework 1 - March 1st

Whitework 1 – March 1st

Whitework 2- March 1st

Whitework 2- March 1st










I then picked up speed and managed to finish the rest of the squares in only 2 weeks.

Pulled work completed

Pulled work completed









This meant that on my next visit to Shelley I was able to start pulling out the threads for the Drawn work borders. This took longer than expected as I needed to keep the withdrawn canvas threads in a good enough state to be able to weave them back in at the end of the borders. By my next visit to Shelley I had managed to pull out most of the necessary threads and had started to group the remaining threads together.

Whitework 4

Whitework – April 9th








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