Holiday stitching – finished!

Back in September Paul and I had a wonderful 3 week break in the USA to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We started in Boston for a few days, before spending two weeks on Cape Cod – where we rented a cottage in Eastham overlooking Cape Cod bay. We finished off our holiday with a few days in New York.

As you can imagine I needed some stitching to take but was told I was not allowed to pack my Lowery floor frame!! I therefore needed to find something small that I could hold in my hands and that would not need threads to be laid!! Through one of the blogs I follow I had discovered Chatelaine Designs and decided to do “The Stitching Leporello”.

Leporello – front.

I changed the Needlepoint Inc Silk threads to DMC stranded cotton and the Delica beads to Mill Hill as I had both of these in stock. Whilst away I only completed the cross stitching of three of the outside panels – I found it difficult to hold the frame in my hand for long lengths of time after using a floor stand for many years.

Leporello – back.

We also got hooked on Jeopardy and baseball (although I’m still not sure that I understand the latter) which cut down the stitching time.

Inside – pin cushion and needle page cover.

Since we have been back the other sections have been completed and the special stitches and beads have been added. Last week I spent making it up following the instructions from “Just A Thought” by Judy Odell. I really need to practise more with a curved needle as my fingers were sore by the end of the week.

Inside – scissor pocket and thread curtain.

I have also completed a new design in the Little Ones series – in two colourways. As soon as we get a sunny day I will take the photos.